As he takes a toke from his bowl and gears up for another session of music making, this is the daily ritual for 24 year old indie musical sensation Zach "Twitty" Savitch. The Leader of The "815 Ocho Pirate Gang" Movement, hailing from Lasalle-Peru, Illinois, is a marvel of seamless genre melding harmonious hits. His approach to making a song is very indicative of today's more "Feelings" based music. Being an hour out from Chicago he got a close look into the early stages of the growing drill scene and though he liked the sound he decided to go his own way. He has gone on record to say that he wants to make "Happy Trap", a sound all his own; And with amazing tracks like his debut Hit Single, "Vlone",  or the drip heavy, "Water Walk", or even the lost love-inspired "cold ramen" you can truly hear The pride, love and freedom in his music. Twitty though unsigned has gained a co-sign and management by D.C. based major indie talent manager/agent, Dashaun "Fat Jefe" Lipscomb and their union seems to have nothing but postive effects on Twitty's quickly Blossoming Career. With over 3k Monthly Listeners gained on Spotify within one week of the the official release of "Vlone", Placement on high profile spotify playlists, (multiple "The Candy Network" playlists, 'Henny N' Coke", Among Other) and many Top Music Blogs and Instagram Influencers singing his praises It's Looking To be An Amazing year for the young Musician. "The Places I Go In My Mind Are More Beautiful Than Any Reality", These words were spoken by Twitty and it begs The question, Are you ready to see the beauty in his mind? Keep your eyes and ears open. Because Twitty has alot more coming in 2019! 

Instagram: @Pirategangtwitty 



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