This is one of the most interesting and ecclectic group of music I have listened to in a very long time.  From the Intro to the Outro all 14 songs are different in their own ways... going from a Hip Hop Rock to Pop to Edm back to Rap.  The beats are all different and the topics range from off the wall topics to what is going on in the United States today.  My two songs I had to pick was Choppaz and Go.  They are two totally different songs at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but both stuck out to me.  They are both on rotation and on the Streets D Spotify List!

So Tales From The Basement was written, recorded, and PRODUCED (not that many rappers do that) by two best friends. It took 2 years of work, they reached many topics throughout their music, but focused solely on just having fun. The reason for the title is where they did their music, they built a studio in their basement and made an album there. Most of the stuff you'll learn about them through their music, directly and through subliminals (ie choppaz, made me feel good today). He really most importantly hopes you enjoy it and play for your own benefit as well as for the audience sake. They released it actually a great ago as of yesterday and are exploring a new focus creating a movie.

Want more info on these two?  Go check out their FB at

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