Wuncrazybud, founder of the three-part group Carnales Really United or, The Cru. While Wun is the artist and face of the group, he is joined by his two younger brothers @polobeatz and @cru_lazybud who is his producer and enforcer, respectively. Born in Raleigh, NC and Canton, Ga, Wun and his brothers are first generation Mexican Americans whose parents migrated from Mexico around the ages of 18 and 21. When Wun and his family moved to Acworth, Ga at age 7, the diversity of the area was fertile ground for his love of music to take root. He was first introduced to rock and roll, Hybrid Theory! by Lincoln Park being the first CD he ever purchased. He later discovered rap through Ludacris’ album Back for the First Time. Over time he acquired a vast selection of influential artists including T.I., Daddy Yankee, Lil Scrappy, Sublime, Nicky Jam, Lil Wayne, Def Tones, Slipknot, and Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz. He also drew inspiration from artists of Houston, TX such as Lil Flip and Mike Jones. 
Family oriented, tenaciously driven, and dream dedicated, Wuncrazybud is a humble and uniquely multifaceted artist. So look out for The Cru because they hold fast to their name; brothers united and ready to come to an area near you. 

Hear them on multiple radio stations as well as the Atlanta area performing! 

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