Kilo MOE comes after 'Watch what you say' with new single 'Walk In The Top'

Kilo MOE has been active for more than 20 years as a musician, producer and entertainer who has developed his sound and style the most broadly to capture the attention of everyone. Over time, the talented artist honed his qualities and abilities with a distinctive sound, to contribute to the hip-hop scene. 

His music is mainly influenced by the sounds of the classics of the late 70's and early 80's, into which the hip-hop producer blends his addictive melodies to leave a lasting mark in the Hip Hop world. Recently, the artist has released his latest release, which has collected all the positive reviews from the public over time and thus has a good chance of highlighting his music and style in the competitive forum. 

Coming from the album 'Fly G'z and Palm Treez', 'Watch what you say' for example is a cheerful, catchy and groovy hip-hop song. The song comes along with a video he recorded together with Hecdakid, who also follows the song. In an era where the focus is mainly on the technical aspect of music, this talented artist emphasizes his raw abilities to create new music that would reshape listeners. The video with Hecdakid is nicely old school produced, taking into account the tastes of millions of hip-hop fans. The spicy lyrics, the way the rapper pronounces his lyrics, the varied kind of musical influences, the melodic beats; Everything is put together nice and tight, with the aim of letting the listener groove endlessly to his musicality. 

His latest release now is 'Walk In The Top', which he released together with Fatcatogc. Again, Kilo MOE is completely absorbed in beautiful puns and a sound that perfectly emphasizes its style quotient. The rapper owns his own label, called OMG Entertainment Inc., and the song 'Walk In The Top' is put in the picture by the label. Not only because of its exclusivity, but also because of the artist's caliber to set new benchmarks in the entertainment industry.

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