Kilo M.O.E Drops Keys To The M.O.E 

Amplified by the reach of his self built company, O.M.G Entertainment, inc. 

Keys To The M.O.E lands off the heals of a highly polarized two years for the Baltimore 

Artist Kilo M.O.E. 

This Small yet potent 8 track album is filled with piano riffs, chords, and a lot of organic warm sound. 

Clearly a diversion from his typical ecclectic off tempo approach we've grown accustomed to (or tired of). 

Kilo M.O.E lays into these sometimes Jazzy riffs with a particular eloquence and growth that would appear to most 

whom haven't followed him over the years as a progressive stance in the genre hip hop. 

With production that tends to lead toward a great deal of west coast influence 

Fatcat OGC opens the lane with his production on the self titled track Keys To The M.O.E. 

Its a very clear distinction from here on through the rest of the project that Kilo M.O.E intends 

on posturing a stance and bravado that is established and confident in a way we haven't seen him. 

~G. Webb. 


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