Tyree Chesterion Robinson, better known as Hotboi Ty, was born October 21, 1995, to a single mother Ivy Robinson. He had an early passion for music which led him to drop his first mixtape, Lick Season, in 2015. Since then, Hotboi has opened up for mainstream artist Young Dro & Lil Boosie and he has also worked with mega producer Karltin Bankz. After generating a buzz with hit songs such as “Down Bad” Hotboi was tragically shot 7 times in an altercation at a local Alabama Night Club in Late 2018. It was then that he’d come to the notice of Powerseat Founder Cornaztone and offered a position with the growing label. Tired of continuing the same cycle of watching his hard work gain him little more than local notoriety he accepted the offer. Two days after signing Hotboi hit the Stage in Austin, TX at SXSW2019 for his first performance with Powerseat music. Like many artist Hotboi’s early influences included Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Young Thug. “I was just out there trapping and that was like the soundtrack to my life. The music was relatable because it was reflecting what I was actually doing. I didn’t make my life fit my music. I found the music that fit my life. Hotboi want’s his fans to feel the emotion in his music. “I always felt like I was by myself until I started making music. Now it’s like the fans feel what I feel and when they share my struggle we struggle together. I’m not above them I’m with them. That authenticity is why they love me and their loyalty is why I love them.”


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