Hecdakid Suprises His Fans With SPLIT the Ep

2019 Has been full of ups and downs when it comes to the music 
career for Hecdakid. Early in the year Hec dropped a video and 
single for his anthem laced record "Glory". Which received lukewarm 
responses and somewhat of a "Meh" from the fans. 
Which made the year seem quiet for the Atlanta based artist. 
Suddenly out of what looks like nowhere an EP called Split 
was released. Clearly there is an expectation for Hecdakid to 
deliver the street edgy hard rapper bars. With seven strong 
tracks this ep gives us the dual personality Hec tends to show us 
with his "pretty thug" persona. Songs like Super Cold and 
2 Mph these tend to be the stand outs. It looks like 2019 
wrapped up pretty good for Hecdakid. Check it out: 
~G Webb 



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