Freshalito is from Pompano, Fl currently living in Bradenton,Fl. 


His story starts like most, starting out as a hobby, and then turning it into a career.  He first hit music in the early part of the 2000's.  His early childhood inspiration came from his father.  He always listened to Haitain music and that made him interested in playing instruments.  At the time, Freshalito was a tender three years old. 

Freshalito was raised by his mother. His mother was a nurse and always chasing a bag so his mother, sister, and himself moved around a lot. His father passed when he was ten years old.  When his father passed, he felt it in him to never stop.  There was something inside of him that just wanted him to keep striving, and he felt it was his dad. Him being able to create music people sing along to was also the biggest part for him to not stop and push for the top. 

His hobby really turned into a career circa 2014 and that’s when he really started dropping projects.  His first alias was under the name Fatboi Fresh. He has about sixteen mixtapes under that alias.  As well as the serious turn in the lyrical portion of his career, Freshalito is also affluent in eleven different instruments. 

Notorious BIG and Jeezy played a big role on lyrics and emphasizing anything is possible


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