Hailing From Colonial Heights Virginia. Dj Hurrikkane has been polishing his skills as a Performer since the age of 15, when hosted his school wide Talent Show as Freshmen. In 2009 as a Freshmen at Norfolk State University He made the leap from Theatrical Performer to a budding DJ making Waves on the House Party and Mixtape Circuits. In 2017 while residing in Norfolk Virginia he made the decision to make the transition from Spinning Records, to Writing and Creating Records. His raspy high pitched southern drawl mixed with enthusiatic and relatable Lyrics let to him delivering a stand out Verse on his Novemebr 2017 Debut Single "Player Haters" Featuring Augusta GA lyricist Picasso Redd and Cleveland OH Singer turned Rapper Deantonio Avian. His 2nd and current Single "Could I Be Wrong" was released January 1st 2018. On the heels of Player Haters, Could I Be Wrong is a more heartfelt, motivational record, garunteed to resinate with the movers and shakers of large metroplitan areas, as well as the smallest of towns full of Dream Chasers around the US. Weeks later DJ Hurrikkane Released his Debut Project "The Pre Game" EP  on soundcloud. To much surprise the 6 track EP was more then enought time to showcase his Versatilty as an artist. While learning the in's and out's of the artist side of the Music Industry, DJ Hurrikkane has Performed at Various Venues in  Norfolk Virginia ( 37th & Zen) Charlotte NC ( Onyx Gentlemens Club, Mc Bonnies Bar And Grill, Morehead Tavern, Metroproponent Studios)


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